Style, Beauty, Fashion – Ladies Day at the Galway Races


Ladies Day at the Galway Races is renowned for being stylish, vibrant and chic. The Best Dressed Lady competition is held, and to be fair, it is a sea of perfectly polished, elegantly styled, impeccably dressed ladies!  WhatSalon was there, and we spent the entire day admiring Ireland’s flair for personal expression. A visual feast of gorgeous hats, perfect makeup and exquisite outfits.

Friends & Fashion – Does it get any better?

Ladies Day Galway Races

Galway Races Ladies Day

Hat Obsession

Hats at Galway Races

Ladies Day

Hats at Galway Races

Hats at Galway Races

Stylish Personalities

Maura Derrane

Stylish Couples

Stylish Couples

Stylish Couples

Our stylish CEO with his stunning wife


Style from head to toe…


Speaking of shoes…

After a very long, very fun day scoping out all the amazing styles it’s time to lose the shoes!

Bec Boop

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